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When we draft settlement agreements in matrimonial cases, we include language designed to avoid future court fights. For example, we include backup plans in our custody and visitation sections in an attempt to keep people out of court when they have disagreements. These plans can go a long way toward keeping people out of family court, but not every set of parents has the benefit of a custody and visitation agreement like this.

For parents who find themselves heading to Family Court because they have been served with a custody and visitation petition, or because they themselves had to serve such a petition when negotiating failed, nothing is more valuable than a trial attorney who has both the confidence to stand absolutely firm during negotiations, combined with the experience to know how a judge is likely to handle a particular issue.

The best family law attorneys will develop a negotiating strategy to get what you want while keeping court costs down. The best way to do this is by confident deterrence; our lawyers are never afraid to say no if it means compromising an issue that is important to you. We're never afraid to take a case to trial. By providing you with rock-solid advice and equally solid trial skills, we put you in the best possible position to reach an outcome that is best for you and your children.

Whether you are in Monroe, Ontario, or Livingston County Family Court, we are prepared to guide you through the court process. Call us today at (585) 204-7330 to schedule a consultation. It is not free, but it is valuable.




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